Haiti Babi Mom, Martha, in The Atlantic

Moms around the world all want the same thing- to have happy, healthy children.  How that happens and what that means can vary widely across the globe (and even in our own neighborhood).  The Atlantic recently made a video with interviews from moms all around the world, to show how cultural and geographical differences can affect motherhood.

Haiti Babi’s very own knit artisan, Martha, was interviewed as part of this video.  Her words represent what life is like for a Mom in Haiti, and what she wants for her kids as they grow up.  “I would like for them to grow up and have a career so that they will be working when they are older.”

See the video and hear the rest of the interviews here: http://www.theatlantic.com/video/index/389315/confessions-of-moms-around-the-world/